A trim vs. haircut- What’s the difference?

A trim vs. haircut- What’s the difference?


Is there a difference between a trim vs. a haircut you ask? In some ways, yes- but for the most part it generally means you are getting hair cut; the exact amount is what is important factor here. A trim for most stylists means that the client just wants the same shaped haircut, but shorter (maybe 2inches or less). A request for a haircut could either mean trim to the client or a whole new style and length. People generally ask if their is a price difference too, and the answer is no usually. For the service from most stylists, you will receive a nice shampoo/condition/hair product, haircut, and nice blowout- all for the same price. Some stylists will just “dust the ends” or as I like to say an “air-cut” where you are getting a 5 second clean up because you are too stubborn to get a real haircut- (you know who you are clients that hate haircuts! (ok me too)).. Those mini trims sometimes will be at a discount depending on your stylist because sometimes that’s just a necessity.

I once worked with a salon owner who owned this amazing posh and upscale salon and charged $125 for a haircut no matter what; male, female, child-he didn’t discriminate. When I asked why, he said “you’re paying me to pay attention to your haircut and style, it’s not about the amount I take off, but what I leave on”. Those words are very true and important for both the stylist and the client to know that a trim and haircut mean the same to us as far as the process of what we do to make your hair look fabulous. Communication is always key and welcome before your hair service with your stylist during your consultation.

After you’ve had a trim (or haircut) it’s important to use good hair products on your hair to get the most out of your haircut. Use a serum in your hair every time your hair is wet- like Kevin Murphy’s Young Again serum. It’s also important to do weekly deep conditioning treatments. T. Salon carries Young Again Masque from Kevin Murphy, and also a few others from Moroccan Oil. To see what we carry click here http://www.tsalonmesa.com/retail-products/

Be sure to schedule your haircut every 6-12 weeks to maintain your style and health of your hair. If your stylist is a busy one, it’s always best to prebook your next appointment to make sure you get the spot you desire. Some people aren’t one to schedule ahead of time, and that’s fine too. A good tip is to set a reminder in your phone for the timeframe for when you should be getting your hair done again. It’s a gentle way to remind you that your ends need some lovin. We are here to help. For stylists info check out this link http://www.tsalonmesa.com/stylists 

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