Booth Salons, Commission Salons, Hourly and Salon Suites: The Breakdown

Booth Salons, Commission Salons, Hourly and Salon Suites: The Breakdown


There are a few different categories of hair salons and how your hairstylist operates. At T. Salon, we are proud to be a booth rental salon that houses amazing talented hair stylists that work for themselves. As a client, you may or may not be wondering the difference as to where you are getting your hair done and with whom? It’s so easy to turn on Instagram and look up #balayage, #hairtrends, and whatever other hashtag you want to look like or search and you will find some amazing hair artists-and even better marketers with social media. The salon name isn’t as important as the influencer behind the picture. So, does it matter where my hairstylists works? The answer- not really as long as your stylist is well-trained, licensed,AND gives you a great service!

Hopefully  explaining the difference between these salons will explain how salons and hairstylists run their business. Most salons you can call and schedule an appointment,  So, to clear up any confusion we will explain the difference between the hourly & commission salons vs. booth rental salons and suites.

Salons that’s pay their stylists an hourly wage (or commission) is typically you’re walk-in type of salon that may or may not accept appointments. These salons are usually chain salons, that brag about the quick haircuts. It’s typical that these salons charge for a shampoo, then charge for a haircut, and also charge additionally for a shampoo/blow dry. This type of salon is great for hairstylists that are new out of school and need a “built-in” type of clientele where the salon does promotions and tries to get foot traffic in the door. It’s also a great place for hairstylists that just want to come to work and not schedule their own appointments, or answer the phones- a receptionist is the scheduler of the salon. You typically call the salon to make an appointment or check in on a neat cell phone ap to hold your place in line. These places are usually inexpensive. The quality of haircuts and styles you get here really just depends on the stylist doing the work. This is a great starting place for new stylists that don’t want to assist in a larger salon.


Booth rental salons, and hair salon suites usually “employ” independent contractors. These hairstylists are responsible for their own business within the salon or suite they work in. In this type of salon model, the stylists are in charge of scheduling their own appointments in whatever preferred method set by the salon owner.


Independent stylists are usually established stylists that have a built up clientele of their own and work mainly on referrals. It is not unusual for a hairstylist to prefer texting as opposed to a phone call. There can be several reasons for this, but I think the most important one to consider is time. Hairstylist that work full-time behind the chair would be wise to maximize their time in an efficient manner. Clients receiving services are paying for stylists time behind the chair. Stylists may find it hard to step away to answer the phone to book an appointment. Sometimes juggling texts is a little easier than answering phones.

Some stylists that work in rental situations may use online booking. This allows a client to schedule an appointment at their convience, or at least see the if the stylists and client’s schedule will work out. Stylists at T. Salon all schedule their own appointments via cell phone, text and some do online.

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Several times a client will think the online booking “doesn’t work” because it won’t show an opening within the week. Most stylists that work in a booth rental situation are great at planning out their schedules. They work hard at staying busy throughout their day, by pre-booking the majority of their appointments and nowadays consistently post pictures on social media like it’s another full-time job (because it is!).

If you are unsure of what the preferred method of booking an appointment may be, just ask your stylist! We are here to help you look and feel beautiful. Thank you for trusting us with your hair.

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