Curls, curls and curls

Curls, curls and curls


So many times we hear from our clients how much they despise their curly hair- but curls are beautiful. Not all curls are the same, but when using the right combination of hair products and the technique- you can really make your curls stand out.

Use Kevin.Murphy’s Hair resort spray and lotion to enhance naturally curly hair.

**Naturally curly hair Curling iron curls

We love Body Builder Mousse, Anti-Gravity, and Bed.Room Hair by Kevin Murphy

Naturally curly hair can tend to get dryer faster on the ends , so it’s important to get a trim every 6-10 weeks. Make sure you go to someone knowledgeable and experienced in curly hair. Some hair stylists prefer to cut curly hair wet, and dry- some like to straighten first, then rewash, some prefer to washand straighten first. Whatever the technique, check your stylist’s portfolio to see who would be a good match for you. Along with the proper cut for curly hair, it’s important to use good hair products to enhance and keep your natural curl lasting all day.

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