All About Hair Extensions at T. Salon

All About Hair Extensions at T. Salon


Many woman have a hard time growing long, luxurious hair due to several reasons- diet, hormones, medication, stress, health conditions. Several woman wear hair extensions and you wouldn’t even know it! Several clients ask all the time about hair extensions so here’s a run down.

Before & After of Tape-In ExtensionsOptions range from a temporary “day of” method such as wearing clip-in extensions, Halos, Crowns, or various hair pieces. Clients should get color matched for their hair piece by their hairstylist. Schedule a consultation with your stylist to see what your best option is for you. Keep in mind, if you’re purchasing a good quality hair piece, it can be an investment. Make sure you purchase real hair, if you take care of it it can last a long time.

👆Before Dreadlock Extensions

After: Tape-In Extensions☝️ * Babe Brown Extensions

If you’re looking for a more longer wear option, consider tape-in extensions. Tape-Ins are wefts of real hair that can be doubled up and “sandwiched” together or applied single sided. The preference of what is best for your hair should be determined by your hairstylist. Tape-In Extensions are comfortable to wear, and can be great for blending in short hair. Tape-Ins need to be touched up on average every 8 weeks. Hair can be reusable as long as its properly cared for (- little heat used, professional products used, purchasing a good quality hairbrush). Tape ins are also great for people that want to add a few pieces to their style to add volume, or if you want a fun “pop” of color- without causing damage.

Microbeads/links or individual extensions strands of hair attached with a metal bead, melted keratin bonded extensions, or other forms of bonds individually attached. This is a great way to add colors, length and volume to your hair. This technique is popular by stylists because of the longevity, and wearability for styles.

Whatever the method for hair extensions you get- just be sure to consider a few things..

Do your research about hair extensions and seek out a licensed hairstylist that is certified in the method of extensions you will be receiving. Make sure you ask your stylists questions you have. Consultations are a must when going over options.

Consider the cost….

Have you ever heard the saying “Cheap hair isn’t good, and good hair isn’t cheap,” or something along those lines. For extensions, this saying is completely true! Good quality hair is 100% real human hair and will cost a pretty penny, and it’s worth it. If you properly care for good quality hair by not using a ton of heat and professional styling products- the hair will last a long time.

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