Hairstylist’s Motivational Monday: Portrait Pictures!

Hairstylist’s Motivational Monday: Portrait Pictures!


For hairstylists and people in the beauty industry in general, it’s very important to have a professional look online. It’s nice that the latest cell phones can take a really nice picture, but nothing beats having a professional headshot and photography.

Let me introduce Danielle Applebach fromĀ

T. Salon has invited this wonderful talent to come and take pictures of our stylists and those that are in need of a new head shot to use for their professional website, social media, or just in general.

Danielle will be coming to Motivational Monday, March 12 at 10:00 am

Details on Facebook Events and to sign up here

Pictures will be $20 for headshot pictures, and $30 if you want action shots working behind the chair. If you aren’t a stylist at T. Salon, you may use a station for the photo shoot. This photo shoot is for Motivational Monday for Hairstylists. Join us beforehand at 9:00am for an updo class! Follow our Facebook for details.

Motivational Mondays have been a great way for stylists to come together and learn in a casual setting. This will be a great way to have beautiful pictures taken in a fun setting.

Here are some pictures Danielle did from our last photo shoot at T. Salon.

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