I want pink hair! Silver Hair! Mermaid Hair! Read this!

I want pink hair! Silver Hair! Mermaid Hair! Read this!


Has Instagram or Pinterest given you fun new ideas for your next hair appointment? What about those fun terms like Mermaid Hair, Unicorn Hair, Fantasy Hair, or just want Silver, or Rose Gold? So does everyone thanks to all the beautiful pictures we see online.

Hairstylists can just apply the color all over and it will work in an hour, right? Nope- but we wish! Unfortunately these types of colors especially don’t work this way, despite what Youtube can make it out to be. Before you contact your hairstylist about wanting something unique and wild done with your hair color, we really need our clients to be realistic about what it mean to have these types of hairstyles. It’s a LOT of work to have fun hair. Most creative hairstylists love doing fun transformations, for the right client.

#1 These colors CAN be hard to achieve depending on what your starting point is. Vivid colors need to be applied to hair that is pre lightened or bleached out evenly FIRST, especially if you want pastel or lighter fun tones and even grey.

If you have previously colored hair and want the vivid colors, I always suggest the darker jeweled tones like Purple, Amethyst, and Emerald. The deeper the colors, it seems to last a little longer than the lighter colors. Pastels and light “fashion” shades are extremely hard to achieve.

#2 These colors fade fast. They fade especially fast if you aren’t using the recommended products by your stylist- professional hair products are a must but even with these types of products this type of color fades exceptionally fast.

#3 These colors typically cost A LOT even though they don’t always last near as long. It will take your stylists a lot of additional time, product and expertise to achieve your mermaid hair of your dreams. Most salons price this type of service as a double if not triple process, which means there are several important steps that need to happen to do your hair properly.

#4. These colors are high maintenance. To keep your color fresh, it’s suggested to schedule appointments approximately every 4-6 weeks. It’s extremely important to use good professional hair products purchased at a salon- store bought products will strip the color out so much faster. T. Salon carries color depositing ¬†products like Viral Shampoo or Joico Color Butter to help maintain your color. Whatever your color service, listen to the recommendations of your stylist to prevent fading.

#5. Stay away from do it yourself fun colors like Splat, manic panic or Kool Aide. These colors can be extremely hard to get out of the hair. If you want to try a more temporary solution, pick up a Color Bug hair chalk by Kevin Murphy at T. Salon.

#6. It’s always best to schedule a consultation with your stylists, so you know what to expect as far as what your hair can do and how much work will possibly go into it.

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