It’s been a busy year!

It’s been a busy year!

We have hit the 1 year mark at T. Salon, and I wanted to share some pictures of what the space looked like then. I’ve never made a blog, but I do use Facebook quite a bit- kind of the same thing I’m trying to get better at Instagram, and sharing the work of the talented stylists and estheticians that share the space. My father takes a million pictures; a habit that I’ve picked up too.

I spy an electric panel (I think), the reception wall, and a hunk of dry wall.
This wall divides T. Salon and the neighbors Power Core Plus. This gym is awesome, and their staff is top notch. This is the front reception area where our Kevin Murphy products are.
Glass! The doors were moved over and expanded. I didn’t think it would be a heavy door, but it sure is.

This salon was a project that’s for sure. This project seemed to take months and months, when in reality it was more like 8 weeks. It was a whirlwind of emotions and a lot of work. The salon has grown so much, and the stylists that have found their home here have been wonderful and so talented. It is so nice coming to work and really enjoying the people you work with. It’s a nice compliment to hear from the clients how they love our space, and I hope you do too!



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