Love your hair? Leave us a review!

Love your hair? Leave us a review!


Word of mouth travels fast and the word is out on T. Salon and our group of talented stylists! It is so awesome to see so many positive reviews on our social media pages, Yelp, Google and Facebook. Hairstylists that work for themselves often times rely on referrals to stay in business. Referrals can happen either in person, online, or all the forms of social media out there but simply leaving a few words about your experience.

T. Salon’s Facebook page has 45 “5 Star” reviews on their page! Thank you so much for your kind words. ┬áIf you didn’t know by now, our salon operates with independent contractors that solely work for themselves and rely on talent, and word of mouth. Do us a favor and visit our salon’s Facebook page and leave your stylists or service provider a review! Help us reach 100 reviews!

So many people use Facebook to find hairstylists and their next salon. Even though our stylists are individual operators, they all care about the quality of work they provide. They take the time to educate themselves, spend countless hours practicing for new techniques and really try their best to deliver what the client asks.

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Let’s chat about Yelp. Yelp is a great website for consumers to find local shops and restaurants. They make it fun to review businesses, and have community forums where you can really involve yourself in the local happenings near you. T. Salon is doing it’s best to grow their Yelp page “organically” if you will, instead of paying their business fees to promote your business and shadow others. We love the Yelp community and think it’s a great resource for the local area. Share what you love about T. Salon on Yelp here!

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Google is a great tool for local business too! It’s another great resource to find your next hairstylist at T. Salon. Check our positive reviews and leave us some love on there too.

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It’s so nice to hear words of encouragement, so from the bottom of our hearts at T. Salon we thank you for telling us about your experiences. Stylists operate their own businesses but still appreciate the feedback. We want to make sure we are providing excellent service and excellent hair.

Whatever the review site may be, it’s a wonderful and free way to help your local businesses grow. If there is any opportunities to improve, stylists such as myself always appreciate direct feedback. We always want the opportunity to serve our clients by making their hair the best it can be.

Thanks for the love,


T. Salon